Friday, February 13, 2009

TPTP is Not For Me

I've been using the NetBeans profiler to help me develop Eclipse plug-ins. A couple of years ago I tried TPTP (Eclipse Test and Performance Tools Platform), but found it extremely difficult to configure and it couldn't compete with Sun's dynamic bytecode instrumentation technology. Today I thought I'd give TPTP another go. The first link that I clicked on the TPTP homepage was the Getting Started link, and this is what I got:

Popup dialog with message: Sorry but this page is not currently viewable in Safari

Given that Safari and WebKit are largely acclaimed as being some of the most advanced web technology available, it seems that the TPTP team really doesn't want me to use their profiler. I'll check back later -- in the meantime I'll continue using NetBeans to profile Eclipse.


joakime said...

Closed: works_for_me

Works in Safari on OSX.
Works in Safari on WinXP.
Works in Linux with Konq.
Works on Android with Webkit.

Did they fix it already?

Eric Rizzo said...

Bugzilla is your friend, David.
I entered for this.

David Green said...

@joakime doesn't work for me

@Eric Rizzo thanks for creating the bug... that would have been a better outlet for my frustration.

Anonymous said...

If you are using a mac don't bother trying TPTP, it does not work on a mac still.

Doug Schaefer said...

Just tried in with Google Chrome, another WebKit-based browser. Didn't work. Given that on Firefox I get a simple page in a frame, what the hell. I think Chrome can handle it.

villane said...

Yes, TPTP is a pain to use. I gave up and bought YourKit, because I don't like NetBeans.

sendreceivereply said...

I haven't tried out the NetBeans profiler, but I find the YourKit profiler and its integration with Eclipse to be excellent. Easy to use and insightfull.


Maarten said...

If you read this and want TPTP support on Mac OSX it as well please vote for bug #68111 here:

Yes we can!

nickb said...

Don't expect the TPTP team to care about Mac. I opened bug 164724 back in 2006 and it's still sitting there untended.

Anonymous said...

TPTP is an incredible mess, a TPTP hell. I tried to install it four times (1x win32, 1x linux32, 2x linux64) in the past four years and succeeded only once after two days of stuggling and browsing forums. Three other times eclipse would not work with TPTP. Just today i got really frustrated with it. Everything looked like I could install it again. Agent controller worked fine. I used the software update functionality of eclipse to install the TPTP plugin and some BIRT-stuff. And oh surprise it did install everything. Even all dependencies could be resolved.

I restarted eclipse and ... could not belive it the profile button appeared as disabled, dead, not working. For some reason the Profile-Perspective got lost. I am sick of it, really, really sick. TPTP is just not usable.

How are your experiences with NetBeans?

David Green said...

@ Anonymous I'm sorry to hear about your frustration. NetBeans isn't perfect either, but it works for me.

Anonymous said...

Hi David,

i did install netbeans yesterday, and tired the profiler. Well - it worked:

apt-get netbeans install - 1 minute
finding and installing java profiler within the plugins - 2 minutes